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SRAI's Journal

29th March, 2003. 8:59 am.(lovelace)

Hi! I'm just now making a chat robot and was wondering if anyone could help me. I'm just now learning, so it's kind of an...adventure. Heh.

It's running off the basic ALICE robot right now. AIM name is the bev bot.

Please help me with AIML!


Current mood: thoughtful.

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2nd September, 2002. 5:40 pm. News(adric)

Looks like ALICE has some competition, and speaking of competitions, it looks like the next Loebner Prize contest is here is Atlanta, in October! More details as, and thanks to
vidicon for the link!


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19th August, 2002. 5:13 pm.(adric)


client: rinse, lather, repeat
bot: rinse, lather rinse, lather aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh ...

<pattern>* REPEAT</pattern>

<pattern> RINSE LATHER </pattern>
<li>I feel so much better now!</li>
<li>Sorry, honey I have to wash my hair that night.</li>


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19th August, 2002. 4:12 pm. What is srai?(adric)

AIML implements recursion with the <srai> operator. No agreement exists about the meaning of the acronym.

The "A.I." stands for artificial intelligence, but "S.R." may mean "stimulus-response," "syntactic rewrite," "symbolic reduction," "simple recursion," or "synonym resolution." The disagreement over the acronym reflects the variety of applications for <srai> in AIML.

Dr. Richard Wallace, in his Slashdot interview, part 1:

Here on LJ, srai is a community for discussion of, and hacking in and on AIML, the artifical intelligence markup language. You can find out more about about AIML at http://www.alicebot.org , or read the Slashdot interview linked above. Welcome to srai!

Current mood: beta.

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